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Your Guide to Exercise Bike

A bicycle trainer allows someone to ride a bicycle without moving forward. The enhanced experience is very similar to that of riding a bicycle on road and this technique is used to train bicyclists as well as newcomers.
Compared to exercise bikes, bicycle trainers feature a simple mechanism to develop the feel of riding a bike.

The rear wheel will be associated with a small after market wheel and this wheel provide resistance to the rear wheel while pedaling.
The bicycle will be suspended on an iron clamp to provide balance to the rider. There are magnetic trainers and these trainers use a magnetic mechanism to provide resistance. Compared to the regular models, these ones are slightly expensive.

There are many benefits for bicycle trainers and the best feature is the controlled environment where effortless training is ensured.
When someone chooses outdoor training, there will be so many obstacles including traffic, noise and other elements.
This can distract the rider from training properly. One more reason for choosing bicycle trainers are that there are no limits in choosing the right type of terrain you want.
For example, if you want to practice riding in hilly areas, you will be limited to the hills and mountains in your area but with a trainer, you can adjust the resistance according to your preferences.

Trainers are commonly used to practice for races and it is considered as a better tool for preparing for races due to its realistic feel. For race practices, trainers are made on race bicycles which bring a very identical outlook for the bikes.
The bicycle design as well as the body positioning will be quite similar to that of real race bikes and the feel is also very similar.
Trainers are usually equipped with electronic equipment to provide information such as heart beat, resistance and speed.

Types of Bicycle Trainers

We can categorize trainers into four different types:

Benefits of Exercise Bikes

Apart from plenty of positive aspects, bike trainers are still great exercise tools because these are one of the cheapest add-ons to your existing bike.
This way, you can save a lot of money and can enjoy the upright position on your bike, which is something you probably do not want to miss.
This is also a reason for many people to go for bicycle trainers apart from practicing for races. It doesn't take much time to fit these trainers on the rear wheel of your bike.
There is a slight disadvantage in using trainers; it is none other than constant wear outs of your rear tire.

We can conclude the benefits of bicycle trainers as:

There are so many products in the market that offer real life biking experience but it is doubtful if any of those products can actually outdo trainers.
To know the real difference, it is a great idea to test drive one.

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