Prominent Exercise Bikes Brands

When we buy exercise bikes, there are a couple of factors to consider such as the price, brand name and warranty policy. However, brand name is very important because some companies have significant advantage over others in technology, build quality and usability.
Design is very important for exercise bikes because a poorly built bike will not provide you a good posture to work your body well.
Burning calories is what we intend to do so we need exercise bikes that can help us to do the same. When you consider exercise bikes, there are some famous brand names that will pop into your minds.

Schwinn - No exercise bike review can be done without considering Schwinn because this is the most popular brand that manufactures exercise bikes. Needless to say, Schwinn bikes are the largest sold across the globe and the popularity seems to increase day by day.
Schwinn's experience as a regular bike maker helps them to come up with top quality exercise bikes that can provide a feel which is very similar to that of real bikes. Schwinn makes recumbent bikes with anatomically designed seats that can provide the maximum level of comfort.
Needless to say, the upright bike models are also very popular because of its cutting edge technology and realistic feel. You can choose from a large variety of models under upright, recumbent and dual purpose categories.

ProForm - Manufactured by Icon Health and Fitness Group, ProForm is another popular brand that manufacturers exercise bikes. Icon is the largest maker of fitness products across the globe and the strong dealer network ensures you easy sourcing of bikes as well as spare parts.
However, ProForm bike models are targeting entry level customers rather than people who are looking for exercise bikes with excellent build quality and ability to burn a lot of calories. This also leave the ProForm brand with one more advantage, none other than the ability to offer entry level bike models at reasonable price tags.
Even though ProForm bikes do not have many features that you can find on regular exercise bikes from brands such as Schwinn, this drawback is compensated by a very low price tag. For those who are looking for an exercise bike to start working out, ProForm is one of the best choices in the market.

Nautilus Inc. - Nautilus is well known for producing high end gym and personal fitness equipment for the last 30 years. The company is known for their exercise bikes which are meant for serious workouts rather than casual exercise. However, these bikes do come at a price, usually more than a thousand dollars.
For people who are suffering from back ache or any other health issues, there is a solution from Nautilus and this way, these bikes can be used by anyone who is looking for the real deal. Being one of the most scientific exercise bikes in the market, Nautilus bikes can offer you great postures that allow you to burn the maximum amount of calories.
If you are past the workout stage of an entry level exercise bike and is looking for something that can offer you tough challenge, then Nautilus is the most desirable choice. The brand is also known for their attractive warranty policy and features. You can find several programmed workouts as well as plenty of resistance modes in most of the Nautilus bike models.

Life Cycle - Life Cycle is one of the brands in the market which makes perfect products for workouts. If you are a person for whom aesthetics is very important and spending a couple of extra bucks for the same is not a concern, Life Cycle can be a great choice because these are designed well, functions well and come with a lot of features.
You can compare the performance aspects of a Life Cycle with Nautilus because these bikes also offer stunning features and multiple resistance modes as well as programs. However, these bikes do look better than any other brand in the market because the designers in Life Cycle work hard on coming up with innovative designs.
There is no doubt that Life Cycle products are a great tool for fitness and a great showpiece too! However, being a very good product with a lot of pluses, Life Cycle do cost a little more extra than other brands, usually more than 2,000 dollars.
For those who prefer quality, looks and brand name to which price is not a constraint, Life Cycle is the real deal.

NordicTrack - NordicTrack not only offer you some of the best fitness products but the brand also offers excellent entertainment systems as well.
For those who thought about a touchscreen LCD, iPod Socket and Music System on their exercise bikes, NordicTrack is probably the best choice in front of them.
They even offer exercise bikes with video games so for those entertainment freaks; this is the ultimate choice, definitely at a price! NordicTrack do have disadvantages on their starter bike models because they are priced very low but the quality is not up to the mark.

Kettler - What does Mercedes Benz, Leica and Siemens have in common? They all are excellent companies that make the finest products in their field. However, there is one more thing that is common for all of them, they all are Germans so is Kettler.
The brand is not very popular in United States or other parts of North America but is well known in the European Market.
Of course, the looks of Kettler Exercise bikes are not the choice for everyone but for those who love German engineering and craftsmanship, these bikes is the best choice. Compared to other brands, these bikes are the most strong and durable, probably far beyond the expectations of a stationary bike customer.
These bikes offer smooth operation and more realistic resistance and for the same reason, a customer who owned Kettler at least once will never switch the brand. However, German engineering comes at a price and this is quite obvious on the low priced models from the company.
You need to choose from the top end models of Kettler to experience the feel but if you choose to go for the lower priced models, it is better to go for another brand.

TunTuri - The Finland based fitness equipment giant has something to offer for the budget conscious customers. However, these bikes are excellent in their price range and ensure excellent functionality and comfort for their customers.
With a budget of 600-800 dollars, you can get some of the best TunTuri exercise bikes that work like a charm. For those who need a bike in a strict budget or for those who are looking for an entry level bike, TunTuri is the best choice.
For those who are looking for serious workouts, TunTuri may not be the best choice but for a casual home based customer, this brand can be the best choice.

These are some of the best companies that manufacture exercise bikes. However, each company, including Schwinn will have models that are not so successful for various reasons.
This is why it is important to inspect the model name in the same way we do about a particular brand. You can go to reviewing websites to know about a specific model and make up your mind only after looking at some customer opinions. Also, understand your needs and the average amount of workout that you will do so that it is easier to fix your budget.

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