Exercise Bikes vs. Treadmills

In real life, bicycling and jogging are two great exercises that can be followed by anyone with different fitness goals.
In fact, for both professionals and amateurs, jogging or bicycling is mandatory workouts which should be followed with their exercise regime.
This is probably the reason behind the popularity of treadmills and exercise bikes. Even though there are many other fitness products targeting home customers, the popularity of exercise bikes and treadmills are very high.
However, these fitness tools also leave customers with a huge confusion, especially when you are planning to choose only one from these two. Which product is better? Is it the exercise bike or the treadmill?

Enjoyment - We need to enjoy what we do and workouts are not exceptions. If you don't like what you do, you might never end up doing it and this is where a treadmill or exercise bike has a role to play.
For very less people, exercising is a passion and they can do exercises on almost anything. They are not concerned about the piece of equipment they use because they enjoy their workouts.
There are exceptions and what we need is motivation. When you go for a treadmill, you have minimum options and this leaves you in boredom. With an exercise bike, you can choose multiple programs, including random modes which will let you to have real challenges.
You can enjoy music, video games and even read on an exercise bike but on a treadmill, you are limited to listening music or watching television.

As a Fitness Tool - Compared to exercise bikes, treadmills burn more calories. This way, treadmills have an advantage over exercise bikes.
The amount of calories that an exercise bike can burn in an hour can be burnt on a treadmill within 40 minutes. So you can save 20 minutes of workout. However, many people get fed up on treadmills easily and do not exercise as much as they do on an exercise bike.
This is also a big concern when you choose from the two. If you are a person who can't exercise on a treadmill for long but can do the same on an exercise bike, the health benefits of treadmill are not going to benefit you.
For people who like to spend a limited time for exercise but do not bother about the equipment they use, treadmills are the best choice because for every one hour, they can burn at least 250 extra calories!

There is no doubt that treadmills offer a more efficient workout method but you have to sacrifice on entertainment.
Compared to an exercise bike, treadmills require more concentration to avoid falling from them which is not even a concern on an exercise bike.
The increased concentration required by a treadmill can also help you to exercise better because your concentration will be more on running or walking properly.
We can conclude that treadmills are ideal for those who are more likely to enjoy workouts but for those who need a little motivation and can work out a little extra for the same, exercise bikes is the best choice.

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