Dual Action Exercise Bikes

Dual action bike provides exercise movement for both the legs and the arms. A dual action bike is nothing but a regular stationary exercise bike which gives constant exercise movement to your arms and legs simultaneously.
This type of dual action exercise bike can be found in modern fitness centers and gyms as they are more effective in an exercise regime. These bikes today are being incorporated in households as they give you a better exercise result and bring in a lot of advantages.

A normal upright stationary bike gives exercise to your leg and butt areas. But a dual action bike makes sure that you get the same type of exercise on your arms and legs as well.
These types of bikes are mostly used by physicians to give emphasis on the upper and back muscles.

Using both your arms and your legs at the same time increases your heart rate and gives you a good metabolism.
These bikes allow you to control and choose the intensity of your work out. High end version of this dual action bike has magnetic resistance which gives you a smooth and comfortable ride. The mid version has a gas resistance power which controls your movement.

These bikes are best for those who need to burn fat as well as build up their muscles. This exercise bike is also a good way to increase your blood circulation and also to help those who have cardiac problems.
You can also experiment your workouts on this bike with short and long periods of intervals. However a good effective cardio vascular result can only be seen with the help of a low calorie diet. Dual action bikes give you a low impact workout for your joints, yet making it seem a high impact one.

A typical stationary bike has fixed seat and handles but a dual action bike has a moving handle as well as pedals and they both work in conjunction.
The handles can be locked if the person does not want to work out their arms and just want to workout their lower body. However the intensity of the workout can be controlled by the person using it.

These dual action bikes have adjustable seats, and adjusting them to a comfortable position is vital for the user. The seats if not adjusted properly may result in body pains and other serious injuries.
Hence positioning the seat to a comfortable position is extremely important. High end versions have speed, distance and resistance measurement and deluxe versions have readings like calorie burned, pulse rate etc.

These bikes are great to add to your home gym and they take up very little space and also allow you numerous heath advantages. These bikes today are being seen in almost all households, as theories prove that they are better than treadmills.
These bikes bring you great advantages like stress reduction, low heart attack risk, increased blood circulation, reduces obesity and many such advantages which bring you a very healthy living.

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