Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are off road bicycles that are designed to deal with the rough terrain.
Some bicyclists who plan tours also prefer to choose mountain bikes if their terrain includes rough places as well.
Mountain bikes are ideal for a large variety of land conditions and places which makes it quite ideal for any touring purposes. There is pure fun and excitement associated with mountaineering on bicycles and this is why thousands of newcomers are looking for mountain bicycles every year.
In the bicycle world, these bikes are referred to MTB - Mountain Terrain Bicycle or ATB - All Terrain Bicycle.

The first bicycle used for mountaineering and off road racing was a normal bicycle with rigid frame. In fact, there was not much modification done to the original design and drivetrain during the initial usage of bicycles on rough terrain. For beginners, choosing the right mountain bike is always a big issue but this can be done pretty well with a little bit of research. There are many factors to consider when you look for a good mountain bike.
Price - Price may not be a constraint for everyone but if you have a fixed budget, it is better to stick with bike models within the maximum price you are willing to spend.
This will help you to shortlist your favorite bicycle quicker as there will be lesser models for you to review.
Suspension - Mountain bikes have three types of suspension such as:

There is no doubt that choosing a full suspension bike is a great idea to get the maximum comfort, but these bikes are not recommended for beginners even if they can afford the same. There are high probabilities of falls from bikes in the learning part and damages on a full suspension bike can be really expensive to maintain. For expert riders, number of falls is very low and for the same reason, they do not encounter plenty of repairs.
The Frame - For a mountain bike or any other bike for that matter, frame is the most important part of it. Riders consider that a bike with replaced frame is a new one! You need to practice utmost care to make sure that you are getting the best frame because this has a crucial role to play in determining your bike's life. Diamond frame is one of the oldest yet most durable frames for bikes and the exceptions are full suspension mountain bikes.
On full suspension mountain bikes, certain changes are made on the frame to accommodate the complex suspension system. A slopping tube is the must have because this is known as crotch clearance system, a feature that helps you to reduce the impact from crashes. In case of a fall, you can successfully get rid of the bike, thus reducing the impact for you and damages on the bike.
Suspension - For mountain bikes, front suspension system is significant when you are planning serious off-roading.
Compared to rigid suspension in front, it can have adverse impact when you are descending from a hill. If you are not having sufficient funds for a front suspension bike, go for a rigid one and fix a front suspension that can be purchased in the market.
This way, you can bring down the budget and the amount of money that you can save varies based on the brand you choose. Rigid suspension does have its own advantages when you plan to use the bike for regular commuting or casual outings. Rigid suspension help you to save energy when you stand up and pedal the bike and they are maintenance free compared to the shock absorber versions.
Brake - Disk brakes are not a necessity but are definitely a great option for mountain bikes because these can ensure better braking on wet surfaces. Similarly, disc brakes are more effective so you can stop your bikes from a steep slope and/or high speeds without taking much effort.

Safety Gear

You need more than just a mountain bike to practice off-road racing safely. Buying necessary safety gear is very important because you need to protect yourself in case of a fall.
A good tool kit is something that you must carry either in your back pack or your bike carrier, especially when the off-roading location is in remote areas. A bicycle pump is very important but compact mini pumps are more than enough for mountain bikes because these bikes do not require excessive pressure in tires.
A lever to take your wheels out and necessary puncture tools or extra tire and tube must be carried with you. For some mountain bikes, quick release wheels are not fixed so you need a spanner to remove the wheel. In this case, you have to carry the spanner of ideal size.

There is no doubt that mountain bikes are great fun and also a great way for workouts. However, it is important to stick to the right food and drinks when you are riding a mountain bike because excessive energy will be spent on these bikes but you need to get that energy back.
With proper equipment and necessary precautions, mountain biking is a perfect sport for both adults and young adults.

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