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Exercise today has become a very big necessity as our life revolves around the busy schedules of the office and the extreme work pressure which leaves us no time for any sort of exercise routine.
This is why going to a gym, and working out seems to be wastage of time and none find time to fix in a workout routine in their busy schedule.
This is the most important reason as to why people bring in these exercise machines to the comfort of their indoors.
A stationary bike or rather a spinner bike is one such equipment that is best for those who need cardiovascular exercises. These bikes bring in a workout plan for your legs, arms and different parts of the body. These bikes bring you good strength and endurance.

Though there are many who bring in these bikes to their home, but not all know how to make sure that they are doing their workout properly. Exercise on these bikes need to done properly else would result in diverse effects.

Position: The right position of the bike determines your comfort and efficiency on your workout. This is why it is very important to make sure that you are seated right and comfortably on your bike.
These bikes give you the leverage of adjusting your seat height, saddle position, peddle, handle and almost all parts of the bike. Thus always make sure that you adjust your position most comfortably to improve your efficiency.

Saddle: Your saddle or saddle angle should be kept on the right position such that you get a comfortable posture. Your body height should be equally distributed to make yourself the most comfortable.
Too much upward tilt will lead to hurting your pressure points and a downward tilt will put in lot of pressure on your hands, knees and arms. This will lead to serious injuries.

Seat Height: Always make sure to adjust your seat height such that you do not feel very uncomfortable while riding your bike. The best way to do this is to be seated on the bike and put both your feet on the pedal and start pedaling backwards.
While reaching down if both your feet are placed flat on peddle it is fine. But if your feet are slightly raised then your seat height is too high and you need to lower it down.

Handlebar: Adjusting the handle bar to front, back, far or close solely depends on your comfort rule. If your handle bar is not placed in the right position, it might result in your body pain.
This will lead to further many complications. The ideal position when you adjust your handle is when you can reach all parts of the handle without straining too much on your body. However there are a lot of people who keep their handles raised to reduce back and neck pain.

Clip-in pedals: Spinner bikes have clip in pedals so that you can place your feet into the pedals for a secure fit and this enables you to ride faster and more efficiently without letting your feet slip.

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