Upright Bicycles

Upright bicycles are also known as diamond frame bicycles and these are the most popular form of bicycles all over the world. In fact, many countries are not exposed to bicycle models other than upright bicycles.
These bicycles do not have any sort of competition in the amateur consumer market but among professionals, a better mode of transport is always a matter of discussion. The major opponent for upright bicycles is recumbent bicycles that have mixed responses from biking professionals. However, the popularity of diamond frame bicycles remain the same even today and many cyclists prefer to use these for various reasons.

There is no doubt that the upright bicycles have so many advantages compared to the recumbent bicycles and these are usually priced lower.
Like any good things, there are some disadvantages which give recumbent bicycles an edge in certain aspect.

Most of us learn to ride a bicycle on an upright model. These are very affordable and plenty of brands are making them.
You can get it repaired at any corner of the world because the basic mechanism of these bicycles remains the same all over the world. Many parts are easy to source and they are easy to dismantle when you want to put them in a cargo box.

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